Me: *gets up to refill my sippy*

Daddy: Where you goin baby?

Me: I need more juice.

Daddy, with a look of genuine hurt on his face: Why didn’t you ask me to do it?

Me: Well you worked all day so I wanted you to relax.

Daddy: Baby nothing helps me relax more than taking care of you.

Me: But….but….

Daddy: No buts. You’re too little to lift the juice. Let Daddy get it.



🚀 little asks 🚀

1. do you have a caregiver?

2. what age do you regress to?

3. favorite little food?

4. how many stuffies do you have?

5. are you lgbt+?

6. what are your favorite nicknames?

7. favorite little shows?

8. do you believe in unicorns?

9. when did you know you were a little?

10. how long have you and your caregiver been together?

11. favorite littlespace items?

12. milk or juice?

13. do you take naps?

14. are a gamer?

15. pastels or black?

16. do you believe in mermaids?

17. do you have a favorite stuffie?

18. do you use a sippy?

19. what’s your hogwarts house?

20. vegan, vegetarian, or meat eater?

21. are you a bratty little?

22. onesies or footie pjs?

23. have you ever lied in littlespace?

24. do you use diapers/pull-ups?

25. would you rather have your dream little play room or your dream little wardrobe?

26. prince/princess or king/queen?

27. what makes you feel little?

28. dragons or dinos?

29. are you a pet regressor, too?

30. any sfw question you’ve got for me?

Things You Can Do With and For Your Little Girl. (The Non-Sexual Edition)




-Wake her up for school/work/breakfast (Waking up to a nudging Daddy is better than waking up to a noisy jump out of your skin alarm clock). 

-Make her breakfast.

-Know her health problems, issues and allergies. 

-Make sure she takes her medicine. 

-Draw her a bubble bath, lots of bubbles. LOTS of bubbles. 

-Wash her.

-Help her with any studying or classwork she may have. Midterms and finals suck. 

-Set up a rewards system with stickers or fake money to “cash in” for special things or an outing. 

-Know her favorite characters and cartoons. 

-Watch said favorite cartoons with her. 

-Let her crawl in your lap and snuggle.

-Snuggle her any and everywhere you can. 

-Build a blanket fort with her. 

-Color with her

-Print out coloring pages/ buy coloring books for her (Littles need variety!) 

-Talk to her. Ask her about her feelings, her day, all that. 

-Lay out her clothes for her. 

-Set up a bedtime that you BOTH can adhere to, no little should be going to bed alone if it’s preventable.

-Let her know that she can wake you up anytime during the night whether she can’t sleep, has a nightmare or just wakes up earlier than you. 

-Let her cry. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always understand her feelings and emotions, it matters that you be there for her when she needs it. 

-Spray her pillow with your cologne while you’re gone for the day. 

-Make/pack  her lunch how she likes it so she eats well when you’re working/adulting. 

-Pick her up. Littles love rides!

– Know her stuffies, her blankies and her binkies. 

-Keep her sippies clean and full. 

-Make her a physical little space where she can burrow up in when she’s in her mental little space. (under the table with pillows and stuffies, in the corner or a whole bedroom decorated in things she likes) 

-Keep them company when they’re sick. Watch their favorite movie with them and make them soup with fun shapes. 

-Let them be little! The world is hard on everyone. She goes to you for refuge. Remind her why she picked you to be her Daddy out of all the other Daddies in the world. 

-Love them. Whether they are whiny, bratty, or downright all out bitchy. Love them. They love you when you’re the same way. Yes, Daddies can be bitches. 

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do with your little girl that doesn’t require sex. Being intimate with your little is important, but sex isn’t the only intimacy out there. 

All of these things. And that last paragraph! ⚓🌟


Where to get little/pet gear


I’ve been getting a ton of questions on where to find certain items I’ve posted on my blog. While I may not know where to get those EXACT items, I do know where to start. Below is a list I’ve compiled that I hope will help. Reblog to spread to the word!

Stores in the mall:
Flower child, Belk (the baby section),
Toys R Us

& lastly, try thrift stores! They have tons of baby gear and stuffies for super low prices, most in great shape that people just didn’t want or have room for. Please reblog this post to help somebody out, I spent a long time putting together this list for you guys 🙈